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Fabiana Cecin, [26.09.20 12:21] I am creating the Dailycoin Maximalists Association (DMA). I put a note on the main page of my wiki:

Fabiana Cecin, [26.09.20 12:21] The DMA is a group of people who decide a trade price, to buy Dailycoin up to that value. The current target for the DMA is 1 XDL = 1 USD.

Fabiana Cecin, [26.09.20 12:23] The DMA's aim is to provide stability to Dailycoin (XDL). To do that, we try out target trade values and we try to sustain them with our collective purchasing power.

Fabiana Cecin, [26.09.20 12:24] We can either buy Dailycoin as individuals or as businesses or collectives within the DMA and in association with others. We will try out multiple strategies, multiple capital engines.

Fabiana Cecin, [26.09.20 12:25] Having a currency be relatively stable is a powerful property. We want to work towards imbuing Dailycoin with that property, so that it can be both a means of scattering capital value democratically — a democratic asset — and also an usable means of exchange, in the sense of modern money — a democratic currency, i.e. a stable trade asset.

Fabiana Cecin, [26.09.20 12:26] Anyone can start their own purchasing club for XDL. The DMA is just one of them.

Update May 29, 2021:

I don't think this name and this formalization was really necessary. This is obviously not really "Maximalism" as the bitcoiners intended it, and it might confuse people who cannot read subtext.

I have also since developed the concept of Dailycoin better. A good recent summary is here:

Basically, the dailycoin community decides what the price of a Dailycoin should be based on how much of an income value they want to try to create for the world, for the participants of the system.

I have decided it should be 1 XDL = 1 USD, where 1 XDL is the daily income, for multiple reasons. If some people disagree, they can buy and sell the currency for whatever other values.