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The UX Network is the successor to the Worbli network.

The UX Network is based on the EOSIO blockchain software, and it is being launched in August, 2020.

The focus of UX is to host financial applications and to be a financial-regulations compliant platform.

UX requires all human users to prove their identity to a centralized provider (a.k.a. KYC & AML). The operators of UX know who every human user is behind each blockchain account, but that identity information is kept secure and private. Thus, blockchain accounts on UX are still pseudonymous.

This property allows contracts (e.g. token contracts, such as the Dailycoin token contract) to implement democratic programs. A democratic program is one that grants a share or vote of some sort to each unique human user, by way of granting them to each blockchain account that is flagged as belonging to a unique human user. In other words, contracts in the UX Network do not have to worry about Sybil attacks by construction.

Thus, the Dailycoin (XDL) cryptocurrency is deployed on the UX Network, and the Dailycoin contract can easily implement a Crypto UBI by issuing one token per blockchain account that is flagged as belonging to a registered, unique UX Network user.