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Original explanation on Twitter:

Compiled Twitter thread:

This wiki is this very meta-organization. The members of this wiki are members of such an implied meta-organization.

What would be nice is some software that would allow us to easily compute specific organization membership and automatic forking. But for now, we can create organizations by creating wiki pages here, and people can sign up and sign out of these pages, organizations, by listing and de-listing their names from the pages of these organizations (these organization pages will have a "members" section where you can put your wiki username there).

The key subjective shift is realizing that organizations are worth less than one person. If an organization is going in a direction you don't want or admitting people you don't like, just leave and create another one. The number of possible organizations is infinite. Invite people to join you in the new one.

To avoid this wiki centralizing all of the communication, users are encouraged to post their social media links or other forms of contact that are reasonable to share over the internet publicly, so that people can find each other still if this wiki goes down. Probably a good idea to create e.g. a mailing list as a backup.

Here's a list of organizations (projects) you can join, as a member of this wiki: