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Matterpedia is an alternative to Wikipedia focused on radical knowledge.

If you haven't been given a specific page to read, you can visit the Start page, or a random page to get started (see left sidebar).

To compose a new page (for editors): search for the new page name on the search bar (in the top right). It will give you the option to create the page.

Editing the wiki:

To edit this wiki, you must become an editor. Candidate editors must write a request to Fabiana Cecin ( Please include a preferred username in your request and, optionally, your real name, and an e-mail address for your wiki account, if it is different from the one you used to send the request. Approved requests will receive a reply with information about their newly-created account.


There is only one editorial rule: No fascism. However, this does not refer merely to historical fascism, but to any kind of apologia for any form of oppression.

Pages can be written in any language, since language-based segregation is, ultimately, racist, and automatic translation tools are widely available.

This wiki explicitly does not enforce "notability" requirements as Wikipedia does. If the editors think some content is to be deleted because we find it irrelevant or inappropriate, we will not hide our opinions behind pseudo-objective criteria.

This wiki is a privately-owned structure, and it is ultimately governed by the people who possess the technical and legal controls, which are the wiki editors, web hosting account administrators, and domain owners.

Thus, our interpretation of what belongs here is what ultimately determines what is allowed and what isn't, because it is ultimately our responsibility. We can change the editorial rules at any time, and we ultimately interpret any and all rules that already exist.


The following are not rules per se, but allegedly good practices that we can try to follow.

Don't delete perfectly good content just because you want to make a better page. If you are replacing a good stub of the TopicABCD page, move the previous content to e.g. OriginalPageOfTopicABCD, or JohnDoeTopicABCD if the stub was written by John Doe and is John Doe's take. Then link to the old content's new page from the new content. There are no restrictions on page naming. Be creative and link a lot. Meta-information is valid page content.


Matterpedia is hosted at It is nearly free, but not absolutely free. If you want to help with the running costs, email Fabiana Cecin (