Extending democracy to the realm of economics

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In 2019, I attended a masterclass by Boaventura de Souza Santos. One of the things that stood out for me, from that class, was the currently upheld, completely artificial separation between "politics" and "economics," which is one of the central strategies of classist oppression.

The ruling aristocracy of the world is fine with granting political rights to people (for the most part), but they have organized a very sophisticated and very well-funded machinery of propaganda to convince people that they should not have any economic rights. That is, you have a right to speak and you don't need to fulfill some "work" criteria to earn "speaking credits," but you don't have a right to eat, and you need to "work" (i.e. be a wage-slave) to not die of starvation. That is, of course, entirely absurd and, in retrospect, an entirely obvious gaping hole in capitalist ideology.

To extend democracy into economics means, for example, that people are supposed to always have some money by default. That is the fundamental idea of a planetary society that gurantees everyone an Universal Basic Income as a human, democratic right.

-- Fabiana Cecin